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 Current Programs and Initiatives

Public Health 3.0

The Department of Health is holding four regional events across the commonwealth to bring together different sectors (e.g. business, education, housing, transportation, etc.) to have a conversation about how we can create conditions that allow all members of our communities to live healthy lives.

Pennsylvania Interagency Health Equity Team (PIHET)

The Pennsylvania Interagency Health Equity Team was initiated in February 2017. This team is a replication of a federal interagency team (FIHET) which includes a representative or representatives from many state agencies that come together to discuss health equity among their particular agency. These state agencies are asked to identify the top three health equity concerns that their agency focuses on and provide data regarding these issues. The interagency meetings are held for collaboration among the different agencies, to bring information to the table, and reach out to other agencies for assistance or guidance in how to monitor these issues. The data is provided to the Department of Health and assists the Health Equity Team in writing the Health Equity report, as well as identifying gaps.