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Feet First Philly

Feet First Philly is a pedestrian advocacy group sponsored by the Clean Air Council. The organization’s aims are to raise awareness of issues facing pedestrians in the City of Philadelphia, improve the pedestrian environment, protect the rights of pedestrians and encourage walking as a mode of transportation as well as for exercise and recreation. The City’s long range comprehensive plan, Philadelphia2035, and the 2012 Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan include many ways of building on the City’s historic walkability, including recommendations for new sidewalk design standards, incorporated into the Complete Streets Design Handbook, and development of a trail network to connect residential areas with parks and waterfronts. Using these plans as a guide, Feet First Philly is undertaking initiatives to improve the pedestrian environment.

Feet First Philly

If you are interested in joining a walking group in Center City Philadelphia, or currently belong to a walking group or other organization that is looking for a place to walk and engage in regular physical activity, please email Pam Freyd at for more information.