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Residents and Families


Nursing homes provide both short and long term nursing and rehabilitative care. Individuals who require nursing home care usually have great difficulty completing many daily activities independently. These individuals require supervision or assistance to complete activities such as taking medications, walking, completing grooming tasks like brushing their hair and teeth, taking a bath or shower and using the toilet. This may have resulted from an acute illness or from long term chronic illnesses.


Prospective Residents and Families

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Choosing a Nursing Home


Current Residents and Families 


Want to File a concern or Complaint?

Speak Up. We're Listening.
If you have a concern or complaint, call 800-254-5164 or complete a Nursing Home Complaints form.

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What is an Ombudsman?

An ombudsman is a trained individual who helps protect the RIGHT'S of older Pennsylvanians living in nursing homes. Ombudsmen answer questions, investigate complaints about quality of care or treatment from a long-term care provider and offer assistance in resolving problems.  For a more complete explanation of your rights, contact your local long term care ombudsman.  All communications with the ombudsman are free and confidential. Learn more about the Ombudsman Program