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Below is a list of useful links and information on various Licensing topics for the state of Pennsylvania.

 Click on a link below for information on the following topics:

Building Safety / Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics / Healthcare Facilities Licensing / Home Health Services and Hospices / Nursing Homes

Request for Input

Request for Input on Opportunities to Coordinate Licensing, Certification, and Incident Management Conducted by the Departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol Programs, and Aging. To participate in this process click here.

Building Safety

The Department of Health, Division of Safety Inspection, has the responsibility of surveying health care facilities to determine compliance with the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, 2012 Edition for federal certification and state licensure.  In addition to the survey process, the Division also has the responsibility of reviewing and approving construction drawings for all health care facilities in the Commonwealth. 

For more information about the Division of Safety Inspection and useful links, click here.

Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics
Any business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who is manufacturing, distributing, or retailing drugs, medical devices, and/or medicated cosmetics must register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health unless otherwise noted as a designated exemption. For more information and useful links, click here.
Healthcare Facility Licensing
The Pennsylvania Department of Health licenses and verifies compliance with state and federal health and safety standards in supervised health care facilities as mandated by law, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health/hospice agencies,  ambulatory surgical facilities and intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities. The Department conducts regular on-site surveys to assure health, safety, sanitation, fire and quality of care requirements and to identify deficiencies which may affect state licensure or eligibility for federal reimbursements under the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

An Initial Licensure or Change of Ownership (CHOW)

For more information on hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory surgical facilities contact our Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification at 717-787-8015.
For more information on other health care facilities contact our Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification at 717-783-8665.
Home Health Services and Hospices
Division of Home Health
The Division of Home Health establishes and enforces quality care and safety standards for Health Care facilities in Pennsylvania.  Please visit our homepage.  We conduct state licensure, Medicare certification, and complaint investigations for the following health care providers:
The Division is also responsible for the compliance and registration of the following programs:
Several documents are PDF files and are accessible by using Adobe Reader Software.


Nursing Home Licensees
The Nursing Home Facilities page is for individuals who are associated with the operation of a facility licensed by the Division of Nursing Care Facilities and for Event & Reporting System (ERS) information for Nursing Care Facilities (NCFs).

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