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The majority of Civil Service test announcements for DOH jobs will remain temporarily unavailable at this time.
For more details and FAQs, please refer to this notice from the State Civil Service Commission.
The information below is being provided in anticipation of future job opportunities.
Learn about many DOH jobs that will allow you to help people, earn great pay, and receive excellent benefits!
Contribute to the health of the commonwealth and receive satisfaction from helping to change lives!
Grow by applying your special talents and skills in a unique work environment!
The Pennsylvania Department of Health is an equal opportunity employer.
Hiring for Civil Service Positions
The majority of positions in DOH are Civil Service covered.  The hiring process for Civil Service positions requires applicants who meet the minimum experience and training of the position to submit a Civil Service application to the State Civil Service Commission for evaluation by either written testing, oral testing, and/or by the rating of experience and training.
Applicants who have been successfully tested/evaluated are provided to DOH for consideration for filling vacant Civil Service positions.  Information on open examinations for Civil Service job titles and application procedures may be obtained from the State Civil Service Commission, or from the DOH job tables below.  (Updated 10/18/2017)
HOT JOBS!  Apply now for immediate hiring needs:
* Currently unavailable *
Please visit DOH’s internship website for the latest public health internship opportunities!
Careers in Nursing
Did you know that DOH employs hundreds of nurses?
Watch our 5-minute job preview video to learn about public health nursing in these DOH jobs:
·         Community Health Nurse
·         Health Facility Quality Examiner (Nursing)
·         Nursing Services Consultant
DOH Civil Service Jobs
The tables below include information for all DOH Civil Service covered jobs.
Opportunities to apply for DOH jobs will be available in the near future.
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Administrative Assistant 1
Administrative Officer 1
Administrative Officer 2
Administrative Officer 3
Administrative Officer 4
Business Analyst 1
Business Analyst 2
Business Analyst 3
Business Analyst 4
Fiscal Management Specialist 1
Fiscal Management Specialist 2
Fiscal Management Specialist 3
Fiscal Management Specialist 4
Fiscal Management Specialist 5
Legal Assistant 2
Management Analyst 1
Management Technician
Purchasing Agent 1
Program Analyst 2
Program Analyst 3
Statistician 1
Statistician 2
Statistician 3
Statistician Manager
Statistician Supervisor 1
Statistician Supervisor 2
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Clerical Supervisor 2
Clerk 1
Clerk 2
Clerk 3
Clerk Typist 2
Clerk Typist 3
Executive Secretary 1
Secretarial Supervisor 2
Stock Clerk 2
Stock Clerk 3
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Chemist 2
Chemist 3
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Applications Developer 1
Applications Developer 2
Applications Developer Administrator
Database Administrator 1
Database Administrator 2
Info. Security Specialist 3
Info. Tech. Generalist 1
Info. Tech. Generalist 2
Info. Tech. Generalist Administrator 1
Info. Tech. Generalist Administrator 2
Info. Tech. Manager 1
Info. Tech. Manager 2
Info. Tech. Technician
Network Administrator 1
Network Administrator 2
Network Specialist 1
Network Specialist 2
Project Manager 1
Senior Applications Developer
Telecommunications Supervisor
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Field Investigator
Health Facility Construction and Safety Inspection Manager
Health Facility Plan Reviewer
Health Facility Plan Reviewer Supervisor
Laboratory System Quality Specialist
Safety Inspector
Safety Inspector Trainee
Safety Inspector Supervisor
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Assistant Director of Laboratories, Health
Community Health Consultant
Community Health Nurse
Community Health Nurse Administrator
Community Health Nurse Supervisor
EMS Program Specialist
EMS Program Manager
Environmental Health Specialist
Epidemiologist Manager
Epidemiologist Supervisor
Epidemiology Program Specialist
Epidemiology Research Associate
Health Facility Quality Examiner (Intellectual Disabilities)
Health Facility Quality Examiner (Nursing)
Health Facility Quality Examiner (Nutrition)
Health Facility Quality Examiner (Psychological Services)
Health Facility Quality Examiner (Social Work)
Health Facility Quality Examiner Supervisor
Health Statistics Division Chief
Laboratory Examiner
Laboratory Examiner Supervisor
Microbiologist 1
Microbiologist 2
Microbiologist 3
Medical Assistance Program Technician
Medical Records Assistant
Nursing Services Consultant
Oral Health Program Administrator
Public Health Assistant
Public Health Laboratory Division Director
Public Health Nutrition Consultant
Public Health Physician
Public Health Physician Supervisor
Public Health Program Administrator
Public Health Program Assistant Administrator
Public Health Program Director
Public Health Program Manager
Public Health Veterinarian
Registry Manager
Registry Specialist
Registry Specialist Supervisor
Registry Technician
WIC Program Representative
WIC Program Supervisor
Vital Records Director
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Human Services Program Specialist
Human Services Program Specialist Supervisor
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Maintenance Repairman 1
Job Title
Job Information
Can I apply?
Commonwealth Public Service Intern
For assistance, contact:
Kristine Jehu, 717-547-3187
Bridget Racis, 717-547-3194