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The following contains Incorporated Documents and downloadable Budget/Invoice Format Information which is related to your agreement with the Department of Health.  Please read this information carefully.     
These documents are incorporated by reference into and made a part of your agreement with the Department of Health.  
Current Incorporated Documents:            
Audit Requirements - Revised 2/15                                                          
Audit Requirements - Revised 7/13
Commonwealth Travel and Subsistence Rates - Revised 4/15        
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and Attachment 1  - Revised 5/13                                                         
Minimum Personal Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals Requirements  - Revised 4/12                          
Audit Requirements - Revised 8/09
Audit Requirements - Revised 3/09
Standard General Terms and Conditions - Revised 7/13                                                      
Standard General Terms and Conditions - Revised 10/06              


Budget/Invoice Information:

These documents are downloadable versions of Appendix B, Attachment 1 (Invoice Format) and Appendix C (Budget Format) of your Agreement with the Department of Health. 
Appendix C - Budget
Commonwealth Travel and Subsistence Rates:
The following link provides the current transportation and subsistence reimbursement rates.

Current Travel and Subsistence Rates