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Q: You say that this service is free. Is that really true? 

A: Yes. Thanks to the support of CTIA - The Wireless Foundation and participating mobile operators, all messages you receive from text4baby on these participating carriers are free! Even if you don’t have a text messaging plan, you can get these messages for free. If you have limited texting per month, text4baby won’t take away from your total amount of messages. The majority but not all mobile carriers are providing this service. It is available to over 96% of people with cell phones in the U.S. Every effort has been made to block service from non-participating carriers, but if you find you have been able to access the service and have been charged, please contact your wireless provider right away. For example, TracFone, which provides the SafeLink and Straight Talk services, does not participate in the text4baby program, but is unable to block the service for all customers, meaning that some TracFone/SafeLink/Straight Talk users who sign up for text4baby may find they have been deducted credits for both inbound and outbound messages. TracFone users are advised to contact TracFone customer service regarding any unexpected charges.
Q: Are the text messages free for people who have pay-as-you-go or pre-paid cell phones?
A: Yes, As long as you have service with one of the carriers listed below, text4baby is free for you.

•Assurance Wireless


•Bluegrass Cellular

•Boost Mobile


•Cincinnati Bell





•Nex-Tech Wireless


•Simple Mobile

•Sprint Nextel

•Straight Talk



•U.S. Cellular®

•Verizon Wireless

•Virgin Mobile U.S.A.

Q: How many messages will I receive each week?
A: You will receive approximately three messages per week on your cell phone. Urgent alerts or breaking news might mean you see a few additional messages once in a while.

Q: Are the messages personalized?
A: The text4baby messages are not personalized, but the information in each message is relevant to where you are in your pregnancy or what your baby is going through at particular stages of development. You can learn more about text messages here .

Q: What information will I have to provide to sign up?
A: The text4baby service will only collect your phone number, zip code, and your due date or your baby’s birth date at registration. This information is used to provide the messaging service and is not sold or shared with anyone or used for any commercial purposes. For more information, read the text4baby Privacy Policy .
Q: How do I sign up for Spanish messages instead of English?
A: You can sign up for text4baby in Spanish by texting BEBE to 511411. You can sign up for text4baby in English by texting BABY to 511411.

Q: Can anyone sign up for text4baby?  
A: Yes. While the messages are written for pregnant women and moms with infants less than one year, anyone can sign up and use the messages.

Q: Will I get messages with local information?
A: If you live in Hawaii, Missouri, Georgia, or San Diego County, CA, your text4baby messages will contain localized phone numbers. Everywhere else, you will receive national phone numbers, but when you call, you will be connected to local resources.

Q: Can I write back with questions?
A: You can’t text specific questions but you can call the phone numbers you find in the messages to connect with an expert. You can also ask your doctor, midwife, nurse, or other healthcare provider.

Q: What if my due date changes?
A: If your due date changes, text the word “UPDATE” to 511411. You will be asked for the new due date, and then the messages you receive will be adjusted to that new date.

Q: What if I deliver my baby early?
A: If you deliver your baby early, you can update by texting UPDATE to 511411. You will then be prompted to text in your baby’s actual birth day and messages will be adjusted.
Q: If I sign up when I’m pregnant, will I still get the messages once I deliver my baby?
A: Yes! At the end of the pregnancy set of messages (around 42 weeks), we will automatically start sending you messages about infancy. To provide an updated birth date and make sure you get the messages on time, just text UPDATE to 511411.
Q: I’m already enrolled in text4baby for my infant, but I’m pregnant again. How can I get both kinds of messages?
A: At this time, you can only be enrolled to get the pregnancy messages or the infant messages, but not both. Try asking a friend or loved one to sign up on their phone for the other messages so you can read both!
Q: How long will I receive text messages?
A: The messages will continue throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year. After your baby turns one, you will receive urgent alerts and breaking news roughly on a monthly basis.
Q: Can I forward the messages to my friends?
A: Yes! We encourage you to share the messages with friends and family and forward the message that explains how to sign up. Tell them to sign up by texting BABY or BEBE to 511411!
Q: How do I stop getting these messages?
A: To stop receiving texts from the text4baby service, you simply need text STOP to 511411.