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Breastfeeding at Work


"Working Mothers Works” 
"Merging Motherhood and Work”
“Making it Work for Working Women”
“Creating a Mother-Friendly Worksite”
“The Business Case for Breastfeeding”
“Supporting Breastfeeding Employees”
“Retaining Valued Employees After Childbirth”
It doesn’t really matter what you name it, places of work that are supportive of breastfeeding employees create a positive environment that women need to be successful in combining motherhood and employment.
Women with infants and children represent the fastest-growing segment of United States labor workforce. While the return to work has little effect on breastfeeding initiation, it has a significant impact on duration. Breastfeeding support in the workplace is an essential component of the goal of increasing breastfeeding duration rates in Pennsylvania.
Breastfeeding has both immediate and long-term health benefits for mother and child. Though most women initiate breastfeeding, many do not continue to breastfeed upon returning to work.
There are numerous mother, child and family benefits in continuing to provide mother’s milk after returning to work. Women who go back to work after the birth of their baby and want to continue to provide their child with their own milk face challenges such as a place to pump and store milk, privacy and lack of support.
The workplace environment should enable mothers to continue breastfeeding as long as the mother and baby desires. Breastfeeding-friendly workplace programs are relatively easy and inexpensive to implement and provide cost savings due to a reduction in health care claims and employee absenteeism.


Women can successfully combine breastfeeding and working.

Select from the links below for workplace support information.
The Business Case for Breastfeeding Materials: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Healthier Worksite Initiative – Lactation Support Program MaterialsCenter for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Worksite Initiative


Women, Work and Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles, California Project 

Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA

Workplace Toolkits

"Making It Workfor Employers" is a resource for employers looking to support their breastfeeding employees. The document provides information on why providing support for nursing women is good for business and explains how businesses can provide lactation support. This document, developed by New York State, can be printed, viewed on the website, shared with others, and downloaded for easy access.

"Investing in Workplace Breastfeeding Programs and Policies" is a toolkit from the National Business Group on Health. Some of the topics addressed are breastfeeding promotion in the workplace, workplace breastfeeding options, methods to measure success and providing information for breastfeeding employees.