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School Health Annual Reimbursement Request
System (SHARRS)

SHARRS is a secure, web-based system that allows educational institutions to electronically submit their “Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health Services.” Authorized individuals have access to the system through the educational institution’s User Account Manager.
Authorized Users:  
To assist with data collection and consolidation, several tools have been developed: 
1. Tally Sheets- See the Quick Link to the right of this page for available tally sheets. 
2. Hard Copy Report- To be used for data consolidation.    
     SHARRS Hardcopy.pdf (pdf) 
     SHARRS Hardcopy.doc (word)
The following changes were made to SHARRS effective school year 2015-16:       
a. Certified School Nurse Detail- added CPR expiration date and name of course 
b. Health Exams, Screens and Select Services- BMI categories Healthy Weight and Overweight categories changed to match CDC 
c. Chronic Conditions- Life-Threatening Allergies category has been broken into two subcategories: Food Related Life-Threatening Allergies and Other Life-Threatening Allergies (Example: Bee stings, Latex, etc) 
d.  Medication Administration- added Reversal Agents: Naloxone/Narcan​       
 ​Updated: Jan. 4, 2017