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Specific  nursing Procedures

 The Pennsylvania Nurse Practice Act contains no delegation language. Registered Nurses licensed in Pennsylvania may NOT delegate nursing functions to unlicensed persons. In 1994, the Board of Nursing attempted to pass regulations which included delegation. The Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) declines to approve these regulations, stating in part: "If the General Assembly had intended to grant  registered nurses the authority to delegate functions to any other supportive personnel it would have been specifically provided within the Professional Nursing Law." 

School administrators do not have the authority to delegate nursing functions. The Department of Education, Certification and Staffing Policy Guidance #95, Principal states: "An educator holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate as a K-12 Principal is qualified to perform the following: 2. Supervision and direction of certified and non-certified staff persons required for school operation exclusive of directing health services controlled by the Nurse Practice Act."
The following equipment and care associated with them are considered a nursing function and may NOT be delegated to unlicensed school staff:
Feeding Tubes, including the insertion of and administration of feedings or medications
IV Access (including ports and PICC lines);
Medication Administration, except for rescue asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors, glucagon and isulin (dependent on school policy and completion of training); and
Updated: February 2018