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Concussion Management

 March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) leads the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month by conducting an awareness campaign in March each year. The theme for the 2015 to 2017 campaign is: Not Alone.
The Not Alone campaign provides a platform for educating the general public about the incidence of brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families. The campaign also lends itself to outreach within the brain injury community to de-stigmatize the injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the many types of support that are available. Materials to promote brain injury awareness in your community are available here.
Safety in Youth Sports Act (101 of 2011)​  This law requires all school entities to develop return to play policies for student athletes with consussions. It also requires training for coaches.
Department of Health Information on Traumatic Brain Injury The Department of Health is committed to expanding public knowledge regarding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and increasing coordination and integration within existing service delivery systems, thereby enhancing the infrastructure needed to persons with TBI and their families. This page also provides resources on Act 101 of 2011, including   approved curricula for coaches and other school personnel along with frequently asked questions and additional resources.
While this law only deals with student athletes, the Department of Health recommends that schools develop similar policies/procedures for all students who are suspected of or diagnosed with a concussion.
BrainSTEPS (Strategies, Teaching Educators, Parent and Students)  Under contract from the Department of Health and with partnership from the Department of Education, the Brain Injury of Pennsylvania developed a Child and Adolescent Brain Injury School Re-entry Program called BrainSTEPS. This program is working to ensure that persons providing educational support to children with brain injury have a good understanding of brain injury, the resulting challenges, and supports and interventions that will assist these students achieve educational success. 
     Return to Learn (RTL) Concussion Management Team (CMT).  As part of the BrainSTEPS program, RTL CMTs support students returning to the demands of school while promoting recovery, prior to making a referral to your local BrainSTEPS team. The RTL CMT focuses on academics during the school day, monitoring both student athletes and non-athletes. 
CDC Heads Up Concussion Management Program To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.
     Introducing the newest CDC HEADS UP resource: a free, interactive app that provides concussion safety info when and where you need it. Download yours today!
Updated: June 17, 2016