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Get Smart About Antibiotic Resistance Program
In response to the surge in antibiotic resistance (ABR) nationally, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has partnered with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to implement and champion their Get Smart About Antibiotic Resistance Program, established in 2005.  This program aims to address the rampant over-prescribing practices of practitioners and encourage youth and parental awareness as to when antibiotics are necessary and good preventative practices for health.

Every year it is estimated more 2 million Americans experience complications due to ABR and more than 23,000 of these cases lead to death. Injudicious antibiotic prescribing and lack of education regarding when antibiotic usage is necessary not only are the cause of this surge, but also a realistic barrier to eliminate through increased education for both providers and patients. Through the Get Smart Program, endorsed and initiated by the White House and President Obama, Pennsylvania aims to reduce these barriers and increase good prevention practices.

 Our initiatives include:

  • Handwashing demonstrations in daycare facilities
  • Educating parents as to what symptoms indicate a need for antibiotics and what do not
  • Arming pharmacy students with knowledge about ABR to disseminate to the community
  • Increasing vaccination rates among all members in communities, particularly daycare workers
  • Evaluating current and proposed practices for prophylactic and post-procedure antibiotic prescribing in dental practices as well as childrens hospital settings, particularly in cases of acute appendicitis

 For more information regarding the national Get Smart Program, visit the CDC's website

To learn more about what Pennsylvania is doing to help people "Know When to Say No", visit the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine website.