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What's New!

Revised Cold Chain Failure (CCF) Policy 2017
          Cold Chain Bulletin 2017
Important Update Regarding Vaccine Temperature Ranges
All vaccines supplied by the Pennsylvania’s Vaccine for Children Program (PA VFC) Program must be
stored in accordance with CDC’s new Fahrenheit temperature range guidance. The new
recommended Fahrenheit temperature range is between 36.0° F and 46.0° F (previously between
35.0° F and 46.0° F). The Celsius temperature range (between 2.0° C and 8.0° C) remains unchanged,
as stated in all manufacturer package inserts for routinely recommended vaccines.
Effective January 2017, all VFC providers will be required to follow the new Fahrenheit temperature
range 36.0° F to 46.0° F. Access the revised temperature log form at Section 6 H Refrig Fahrenheit Temp Log 2016.
The frequently asked questions (FAQ) document can be found at Q&A - Adjustment to CDC’s Recommended Fahrenheit Temperature Range for Refrigerated Vaccine Storage.
The updated Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, released in June 2016, is the first CDC resource
to reflect the adjusted Fahrenheit temperature range guidance and can be accessed at
If you have questions, please contact the Division of Immunizations at 888-646-6864.
Digital Data Loggers (DDLs)       
HPV Online Provider Training
The online training presents practice-oriented content about HPV immunization. It is also an excellent review for a seasoned healthcare provider and can be used by nursing schools to introduce their students to the comprehensive core knowledge about HPV immunization. This module is the eighth in a series titled Immunization: You Call the Shots and focuses on HPV and its related vaccines.

The training can be accessed here. CPH recertification credit is offered and at the conclusion of the session the participant will be able to:

         1.    Describe the HPV including the causative agents. 

              2.    List the groups at highest risk of HPV.

              3.    Identify those for whom routine immunization is recommended of HPV.

              4.    Describe characteristics of the vaccine used to prevent this disease. (Characteristics

                   may include schedule, contraindications and/or adverse reactions.)

              5.    Locate resources relevant to current immunization practice.  

How to Order VFC Vaccines Online

Enrolled Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers must complete the necessary Pennsylvania Statewide Immunization Information System (PA-SIIS) Online vaccine ordering training by clicking the link below:
The person responsible for VFC Vaccine ordering must contact PA-SIIS staff at 877-774-4748 to receive PA SIIS logon/password credentials and the “PA-SIIS Vaccine Ordering Booklet”.
You are now ready to log onto the PA-SIIS Online Vaccine Ordering Website at
-    Confirm practice site information, especially “Shipping Address” and “Delivery Times”.  Orders will not be processed if missing.
-    Select  Report screen and generate vaccine inventory report.
-    Take printed report to vaccine refrigeration unit(s) for use in documenting current VFC vaccine inventory on hand.
-    Reconcile inventory
-    Order vaccines at the Add New Order screen
-    When vaccine shipment arrives access the Receive Shipment screen.
                                                                                                                                                               - -Please make sure that you order vaccine for your facility during the 1st though the 15th of each month.