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School Children Immunizations                    











School Immunization Requirements


School Immunization Requirement for Attendance in Pennsylvania is also available in Spanish
Algorithm 1                           
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School Immunization Law Report (SILR)

2017-18 SILR Instructional Packet

The instructional packet will be mailed to schools for submission of the school year in the fall of 2017. All web-based reports must be entered between Dec. 1
through Dec. 31,  of each year. If you have additional questions after reviewing this packet, contact Patti Matlock at 717-787-5681 or visit the website, Select "School Children Immunizations" for updates throughout the year.
2017-18 SILR PowerPoint
Training to complete the SILR will be available in the fall of 2017.
Vaccine Safety 
  •  Vaccines are held to the highest standard of safety. 
  • The United States has the safest, most effective vaccine supply in history.
  • Vaccines are continually monitored for safety and effectiveness.                          

Pennsylvania's school immunization requirements can be found in 28 PA Code Ch.23 (School Immunization)                                 


Proof of immunization means a written record showing the dates (month, day, year) your child was immunized.

Keep a record of your child's immunizations.  Keep this record in a safe place.  Your doctor's office, medical clinic, or hospital may ask for this record.  As your children become adults, they may need the record for college, for their job or if they travel out of the country.                    

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pre-Teen and Adolescent Web Site                          


School Immunization Catch-Up (SICU) Program 2017 - 2018  

Steps to Implementing a School Immunization Catch-Up Program

SICU Program Eligibility Form

SICU Program Ordering Form

SICU Program Sample Letter to Parent

SICU Program Sample Permission Refusal Form

SICU Program Final Results