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Complaint Form To Report a Clean

Indoor Air Act Violation

The Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) lists several types of exceptions, five of which require approval by the Department of Health (DOH).  These exceptions include two types of drinking establishments (referred to in the CIAA as type I drinking establishments and type II drinking establishments), two types of cigar bars (referred to in the CIAA as type I cigar bars and type II cigar bars), and tobacco shops.  
CIAA Enforcement
If a public place is licensed by the Commonwealth, the CIAA directs the DOH to refer complaints to the state licensing agency for investigation and enforcement.  If there is not a state licensing agency with jurisdiction over the potential violator, the complaint is handled by the DOH.  When the DOH receives a complaint against an establishment that is not licensed by another state agency, the DOH sends a warning letter to the establishment after determining the complaint is valid.  To inform the DOH of a potential violation of the CIAA, please click on either link below.