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Out-Of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Orders


A Guide for Patients and Families  


Out-of-Hospital Nonresuscitation Act

On Nov. 29, 2006, Pennsylvania enacted a statute (P.L. 1484, No. 169) that repealed the DNR Act and replaced it with the Out-of-Hospital Nonresuscitation Act (Act) (20 Pa.C.S. 5481-5488). The effective date of the Act is Jan. 28, 2007.  The Act empowers a person with an end-stage medical condition, or an appropriate representative of that person, to secure an out-of-hospital DNR order and, at the person’s option or the option of an authorized representative, an out-of-hospital DNR bracelet or necklace.  These items, just as those that were issued under the former DNR Act, direct EMS personnel in the out-of-hospital setting not to provide the person for whom they were issued with CPR in the event of the person’s cardiac or respiratory arrest. The Act also specifies the circumstances under which an appropriate representative of a person who issued a living will under the Living Will Act (20 Pa.C.S. 5441-5447) is able to secure an out-of-hospital DNR order, bracelet or necklace for the person.  (The Living Will Act replaced the Advance Declaration for Health Care Act. Hereafter, the repealed Advance Declaration for Health Care Act will be referred to as “the former Living Will Act” and a declaration issued under that statute will be referred to as a “living will,” the same as a living will under the Living Will Act.)


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