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PA Medical Marijuana 
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The Pennsylvania Department of Health's vision is to have a high quality, efficient and compliant medical marijuana program for commonwealth residents with serious medical conditions as defined by Act 16.



The Pennsylvania Department of Health is in the process of implementing the state’s Medical Marijuana Program, signed into law on April 17, 2016. Full implementation of the program is expected to take between 18 and 24 months. When fully implemented, the Medical Marijuana Program will provide access to medical marijuana for patients with a serious medical condition through a safe and effective method of delivery that balances patient need for access to the latest treatments with patient care and safety. The Medical Marijuana Program will also promote high quality research into the effectiveness and efficacy of medical marijuana in treating a patient’s serious medical condition.



Guiding Principles

The Pennsylvania Department of Health will strive to develop and maintain a Medical Marijuana Program that is viewed as:
  • medically-focused program benefitting patients
  • effective communication
  • consistent, competent and efficient
  • leading, innovative, research-driven program
  • transparent


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