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Lyme Disease Task Force Report


Act 83 of 2014 established a “Task Force on Lyme Disease and Related Tick-Borne Diseases”.  The individuals appointed to the task force culminated their year-long effort with the delivery of the Task Force Report to the Secretary of Health.  Individuals from multiple walks of life, effectively came together to compile this comprehensive set of 18 recommendations covering prevention, Education & Awareness, and Surveillance which are critical to beginning the process of slowing, then reducing, the growing incidence of Lyme and other tick-borne Diseases.
The members shown include (back row, L to R):  Sara Nicholas, DCNR; Andy Kyle, DEP; Enzo Campagnolo, DOH; Eric Pauley (Sen. Greenleaf staff); Dr. John Goldman, Physician; Steve Jacobs, PSU; Dana Perella, PDPH; Samantha Koch, PDE; Meagan Bird (for Jane Huffman, ESU); Dr. Greg Bach, Physician; (Front Row, R to L): Julia Wagner, Patient Group; Meryl Littman, Veterinarian; Keri Faley, Patient; Tomas J. Aguilar, Chairman; Dr. Karen Murphy, SOH; Dr. Harold Smith, Physician; Melissa Frey, DOS; Dr. Robert Ollar, Patient Group.  (Not Shown):  Dr. Robert Aber, Physician; Deana Lantz, Nurse; Stephen P. Smith, Game Commission; Alice Uhrich, School Nurse

Lyme Disease in Pennsylvania Report

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