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Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program     

Provides pharmaceutical assistance and specific lab services to low to moderate income individuals living with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS who are not eligible for pharmacy services under the Medical Assistance (MA) Program.

Applicants must be a resident of Pennsylvania, have a gross annual income of less than or equal to 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), and have a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS to qualify for the program. SPBP HIV/AIDS is the payer of last resort and third party resources must be used before payment is made by the program. 

SPBP Covered Drug List (Effective 04-01-17)

SPBP Covered Laboratory Services - Effective 07-01-2016.pdf        

SPBP Pharmacy Network (Updated 01-01-2017)           

2017 Medicare Part D Plans with Premium Payment Agreements    

SPBP Medicare Part D Premium Assistance Program Overview & FAQ 2017     

Income Quick Reference Guide                   

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices                   

How to Apply:                                            
For assistance or additional information please call the SPBP Customer Service Line at 1-800-922-9384.

Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Application.pdf 
El Programa Especial de Beneficios Farmacéuticos (SPBP).pdf 

Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program - Mental Health
The Pennsylvania Department of Human Service provides service to individuals with schizophrenia who do not respond to first-line drug therapies and who are not eligible for pharmaceutical coverage under the MA Program. Information is available at:  Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program - Mental Health .