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ABC-MAP Program 

Pennsylvania's ABC-MAP program is an expansion of the pre-existing prescription drug monitoring program. ABC-MAP will also aid regulatory and law enforcement agencies in detecting and preventing fraud and abuse. Making sure prescription drugs are not being overprescribed is a necessary first step in curtailing drug addiction and also curbing the supply of excess drugs that can be used illicitly. 

Until now neither physicians nor dispensers had access to information that would help them address the growing negative effects of non-monitored scheduled drugs on the health and safety of Pennsylvanians. ABC-MAP will rectify this and give healthcare professionals the ability to address potentially fatal drug abuse and provide improved and streamlined care to their patients.


The ABC-MAP Board was created under Act 191 of 2014. This board will help develop the policies and procedures that expand the state’s prescription drug monitoring program as outlined by the ABC-MAP initiative.

The Board’s members are as follows:
• Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy
• Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine
• Secretary of the Department of Human Services Ted Dallas
• Secretary of the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Gary Tennis
• Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller
• Aging Secretary Teresa Osborne
• Acting State Police Commissioner Tyree Blocker
• Attorney General Kathleen Kane
• Secretary of State Pedro Cortes